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El Dorado County CA DUI Lawyer

Mr. Campanella is a El Dorado County CA criminal defense attorney focusing on DUI defense in El Dorado County CA. Our office is dedicated in their energies to fighting for your rights and liberties when they are threatened by an arrest or charge of Driving Under the Influence, more commonly referred to as “DUI”.

Mr. Campanella organizes his practice around his clients' needs – day or night. His reputation as a El-Dorado-County CA DUI lawyeras an expert in DUI advocacy makes him the best choice for those who need help defending a DUI charge and keeping their precious freedoms.

Our website serves as a legal reference providing up to date DUI news, DUI information pertaining to El-Dorado-County CA DUI laws for those who have been charged with Driving Under The Influence in El-Dorado-County CA.


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