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BAC Tests and Your Privacy

Because driving under the influence (DUI) is a crime in California, DUI-defense attorneys are technically criminal defense attorneys who focus their practice on a small niche. However, just because DUI-defense attorneys only defend one particular crime does not mean they cant use the legal defen...

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3 Ways to Avoid a Pretextual Traffic Stop

If a police officer in California suspects you of driving under the influence (DUI), their best friend is a pretextual traffic stop. These stops are not technically for DUI; theyre for another road violation. However, once they have you on the side of the road, the cop is in a prime position to ...

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Is a warrant required for a DUI blood alcohol test?

In June of 2016, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a ruling about warrantless blood draws and breath tests during DUI investigations cited as Birchfield v. North Dakota. The Court ruled that imposing a criminal penalty on a DUI suspect who refuses to take a blood test is unconstitutional. The Co...

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Drunk Driving - Legal limits around the globe

At one time the legal limit for driving under the influence in California was .15, then it was reduce to .10 and now it resides at .08.  Clearly the human body has not changed in it's reaction to alcohol so is there any agreement amongst nations?  Not really, only Swaziland set their limit at .10...

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Sacramento's DUI Bail Policies

Sacramento court's DUI bail policies surprise you with bail at your first appearance. You have a right to 48 hours notice before you are required to answer. It is generally a bad idea to enter a plea at your first court appearance before an experienced DUI lawyer has thoroughly reviewed all the facts of your case.

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Don’t Photoshop Yourself Into Criminal Charges

Eire Police are looking for this man after finding images of him on the Erie PD Facebook page alongside the caption, “Erie PD at their finest”.   The man is not a member of the EPD.   The police suspect that the image could be Photoshoped but are not certain so they continue to investigate. Th...

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