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DUI Defense Attorney - Experience You Can Trust

Mr. Campanella has successfully represented thousands of Northern Californians against DUI charges, both in the courts, and at DMV for almost 30 years. He is an experienced trial attorney and has represented individuals charged with misdemeanor first offense DUI as well felony vehicular homicide and everything in between.

Local attorneys regularly seek his advice on DUI matters. His reputation as a knowledgeable and aggressive defender of DUIs is well known in the community.

Local judges have also sought his counsel and many have commented on his impressive expertise in the courtroom.  Mr. Campanella was called to testify in a criminal trial as an expert in the area of DUI defense as recently as 2022.

He works with preeminent experts in the field of forensic toxicology, and has completed training and certification to administer standardized field sobriety tests. He has challenged many police officers on the stand with his inside knowledge of DUI. He often knows their job better than they do, and can prove it in court.

His knowledge of the United States Constitution, and in particular the Fourth Amendment has helped to win cases and get them dismissed without going to trial. He will evaluate all of your constitutional issues from the initial detention of your vehicle through establishing probable cause, to arrest and obtaining consent to take your blood or breath.

Mr. Campanella has studied the many breath testing devices used in Northern California as well as headspace gas chromatography, the method used to analyze blood and urine samples. By focusing his practice entirely on DUI defense, he has been able to attain a depth of knowledge, not common to most criminal defense attorneys.

From San Francisco to the Sierras, and from Stockton to Butte County, Mr. Campanella has successfully represented people from all walks of life. Every client deserves personalized attention, and Mr. Campanella understands how important and how stressful the cases are to his clients. 

Mr. Campanella has saved the jobs and licenses of commercial truck drivers, CHP officers and many others utilizing his knowledge and years of experience. He was elected and served on the Board of Directors of the California DUI Lawyers Association.    


DUI Penalties and Felony, Arrests, Expungements, Defense, Hearing, DMV, Blood Alcohol Concentration, Field Sobriety Testing, Breath and Blood Tests, DUI Accidents, Civil Lawsuits, Immigration Status, DUI Causing Injury & Science

If you or someone you know, has been arrested for DUI, call John Campanella for a free initial consultation.


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