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How long will it take to fight my Sacramento California DUI?

There is no specific length for a Sacramento drunk driving case however, if you are out of custody on a misdemeanor case you have the right to have your case go to trial within 45 days of your arraignment if you enter a "Not Guilty Plea" and do not, "waive time".  The "waiving of time" tells the court that you are not insisting on your right to have your trial within the 45 day time period so "not waiving time" requires the District Atty. to bring the case to trial within the 45 day time period.

That being said Sacramento DUI cases can occasionally go on for a year and sometimes even longer.  It all depends on the specifics of the case and how long and hard you want to fight. There are always appeal processes which can prolong the final resolution. You have some control on how long it takes to resolve your case.  While it is possible to resolve your case at the first appearance it usually is not advisable because you will not likely have seen all that needs to be reviewed at such an early date.

A Sacramento DUI lawyer must wait until discovery of police reports, maintenance and calibration logs, in car cameras and other items are made available by the district attorney's office.

Police reports and other discoverable information may also be obtain through the California DMV's administrative process.

How long does a DUI case take in California?

  • Most cases that do not go to trial will generally settle within 3-6 months.
  • If ending the case quickly is important to you then let me know why and we will discuss your options.
  • The DMV process is independent of the court process and therefore could continue after the court process is over.

There are 6 factors that can affect the time it takes to fight your Sacramento California DUI case.

  1. The Complexity of Your Case: If your case involves complicated legal issues or multiple charges, it may take longer to resolve.

  2. The Workload of the Court: The number of cases pending in the court system can affect the pace at which your case moves through the system.

  3. Availability of Witnesses and Evidence: If key witnesses or evidence are unavailable, it can delay the progress of your case.

  4. Whether You Accept a Plea Bargain or Go to Trial: If you choose to accept a plea bargain, your case may be resolved more quickly than if you go to trial.

  5. Scheduling Conflicts: If there are scheduling conflicts with the court or witnesses, it can delay the progress of your case.

  6. Investigations by Your Attorney: If your attorney needs to conduct further investigations, it can delay the progress of your case.

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