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We love our job, which is helping people get back to their lives. This is why we're so results-driven and why we never back down from a prosecutor or judge. When it comes to defending our clients, we're persistent from the moment you contact our office. Examine some of our cases, and you will see the reason is clear: our clients' freedom and overcoming all DUI charges is our paramount mission. But we know persistence isn't all it takes. Integrity is just as important as delivering results. And don't just take our word for it. Ask our peers among the legal community. See what our clients have to say about us. Reviews from

  • I came across John online when I was looking for someone to help me on a DUI charge. I first called him on a Saturday and to my surprise he answered my call and spent a great deal of time going over the facts of my case and some of the initial legal issues and giving me an idea of what to expect …

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  • John is a terrific attorney who really took the time to understand my case, and make sure I understood everyone of my options. My particular case went on for almost three years and John was there every step of the way; explaining the process ensuring that I felt comfortable and educated about the…

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  • I’m writing this review with the knowledge and awareness centered on how it was only a few months since it was I who was the one frantically reading these reviews having just been snared by law enforcement on my first DUI. I noticed most of the review naritives focus primarily on how well John di…

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  • I hired John to represent my son in a Dui case in a nearby county. John was easy to work with, clearly explained the options and his recommendations. He was able to get the charge reduced to a wet reckless. He has been available afterwards to answer follow up questions. Very happy with his work.

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  • I was arrested in April 2016. Originally was charged with a felony injury DUI. In the matter of 2 weeks is was reduced to a misdemeanor then back to a Felony but with a great bodily injury charge which is a strike. I was really scared. The best decision I made was hiring Mr Campanella. His knowle…

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  • John Campanella did an amazing job working with my DUI case. He was able to have the case dismissed by finding errors on the arresting officer’s report after investigating the breath test equipment log, which revealed the officer artificially inflated the test results. The inflated readings put m…

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  • I was pulled over for not having mud flaps on my truck! Having had 2 DUI’s and on probation I had a couple of drinks waited to go home and was pulled over. After the ordeal my license was taken from me but no DUI was given. The feeling of hopelessness, and anger had set in. I did some searching a…

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  • John is a passionate, caring and true professional. I can’t think of anyone else I would would rather have defend me. When I say John is thoughtful and caring, I mean that he genuinely wants the best outcome for his clients and gives his all to every aspect of the case. The importance my case has…

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