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DUI Arrests

CHP releases video of Paul Pelosi's DUI Arrest

Aug 24, 2022: New CHP videos and pictures are giving us better insight into the arrest of Nancy Pelosi's husband for DUI, after a crash on a Napa roadway earlier this year. Read More..

What is DUI Arrests?

"DUI arrests" refer to the apprehension of individuals by law enforcement officers for the offense of Driving Under the Influence (DUI). In these cases, drivers are suspected of operating a vehicle while their ability to do so is impaired due to the influence of alcohol, drugs, or a combination of both.

When a law enforcement officer suspects a driver of being impaired, they may conduct field sobriety tests and, if necessary, administer a breathalyzer or blood test to measure the driver's Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC). If the BAC exceeds the legal limit or if the driver refuses to take the test, an arrest for DUI may follow.

Sacramento DUI Attorney

In California, being pulled over and tested for DUI can be an embarrassing and even frightening experience. You are at risk for being arrested, charged with DUI and jailed. Even though you may prove your sobriety by taking a field sobriety testbreath or blood test or test for a controlled substance, the very act of submitting to a test presents a significant risk to your driving privileges. It's been proven that these tests have numerous faults and they are often inaccurate.

Sacramento DUI attorney John Campanella has been defending clients against Sacramento DUI charges since 1995. He provides vigorous, hands on representation for people charged with DUI and related criminal offenses. John Campanella will carefully explain your rights in a DUI traffic stop. He will use his Sacramento DUI attorney experience of over one thousand cases in analyzing every step of the DUI testing, arrest and detainment in your case. Most importantly, Mr. Campanella zeroes in on weaknesses and failures in testing and procedures. This decisive, granular examination provides superior protection of your rights, and to preserve your good driving record to the maximum extent of the law.

To cite a few examples, what if your arresting officer failed in his assumption of probable cause? What if the officer didn't have the necessary training, or missed steps in the field sobriety tests, or in the detainment and arrest process? These are just a few of the issues Mr. Campanella will examine to determine whether your rights may have been poorly protected, and therefore, how strong a case he can build for you.

DUI Arrest – Know These Steps

  • If you're pulled over for DUI in Sacramento, there are specific actions you need to take in order to preserve your rights.
  • First, make no attempts to evade the officer or traffic stop. If the law enforcement officer uses lights or siren, pull over immediately.
  • Always listen carefully, be polite and act courteously when you're talking with the officer.
  • Do not ever resist arrest or resort to violence when dealing with the officer.
  • Politely do not answer questions about your whereabouts, how much you have been drinking and other such questions. Law enforcement officers are trained to ask these questions in the hopes of using the information against you later.
  • Again, politely decline to do a field sobriety test. Though many people believe differently, a field sobriety test is not mandatory.
  • If the officer arrests you, exercise your basic legal rights to remain silent, and to request an attorney as soon as you can.

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