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Breath and Blood Tests

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Were you arrested for DUI after failing or refusing a breath or blood test? If so, The Law Office of John A. Campanella may be able to help you.

In order for law enforcement and the prosecuting attorney to secure a conviction for a DUI, they will most often use a driver's breath or their blood test results. Both of those tests, and sometimes a urine test, maybe be used to determine the blood alcohol concentration of the driver. If a person is driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .08% or greater, they may be charged with a DUI. Drivers who are underage may have their license suspended with a blood alcohol level of .01% or greater, and drivers for commercial businesses can face criminal charges with a blood alcohol level of .04% or greater.

About Breath Tests and Blood Tests

A breath test is given by having the driver blow into a device called a breathalyzer, which examines a sample of breath and determines the concentration of alcohol in their body. Breath tests are usually less consistent than blood tests and they can affect the driver's result because of different issues. This is where the lawyer comes in and can bring the unreliableness of the breathalyzer. If the breathalyzer was not calibrated at the time of usage, your lawyer can use this to your advantage.

Blood tests are conducted by taking a sample of blood and processing it to determine the driver's BAC. The test can have errors, and may be improperly controlled. The blood test may be given by someone who is not properly trained, or the testing procedure could be abused. Your attorney can use all of these examples to help you overcome an unnecessary conviction. Find out more about the kinds of tests administered and DUI by communicating with our office today.

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