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A career saver!

I was pulled over for not having mud flaps on my truck! Having had 2 DUI's and on probation I had a couple of drinks waited to go home and was pulled over. After the ordeal my license was taken from me but no DUI was given. The feeling of hopelessness, and anger had set in. I did some searching and found John Campanella sent him a email and with in minutes there was a phone call. To my surprise it was John! He was interested in what had happened. He ask about previous issues as well as current ones. He kept me informed. Called when ever something new had arisen. When someone gets into DUI trouble It's nice getting a phone call at what ever hour just to let you know it's not over and he will be fighting till the end. John managed to find the law about blower devices. Safe to say California cops like to enforce laws to fill quotas but don't understand the laws in which they enforce. In other words: I win, California loses….. Thanks John.

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