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Police Brutality: California Highway Patrol Officer Beats Black Woman Senseless On Side Of Freeway

Posted by John Campanella | Jul 05, 2014 | 0 Comments

Without knowing the entire story this video depicts a CHP officer violently punching a woman in her head as he straddles her.  Law enforcement has a difficult job and I do not know what preceded this beating but it is hard to understand why this was necessary.

Let's follow up on this and see if we hear anything more from the CHP.

My friend Carlos Miller who runs P.I.N.A.C (Photography is not a crime) out of Miami, Florida regularly posts videos and articles of citizens being brutalized and arrested for photographing the police.

Perhaps the greater visibility will result in a different public attitude towards law enforcement? It seems like the police want citizens to think of them like they are as friendly as Andy Griffith but when they are dressed more like the military and are searching our cell phones without warrants they don't feel so friendly.

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